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VIRUS ALERT - W32/ExploreZip.worm.pak
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W32/ExploreZip.worm.pak is a new, compressed variant of the original W32/ExploreZip.worm. AVERT has assessed it as a high-risk threat, approaching outbreak levels! It reproduces itself by sending replies to incoming email messages, with itself as an attachment called "zipped_files.exe".

It includes a payload: it will search the user's mapped drives and overwrite all files of types .c, .cpp, .asm, doc, .xls, .ppt. to zero Kb.

IMPORTANT - If you receive an email with the message "I received your email and I shall send you a reply ASAP. Till then, take a look at the attached zipped docs.", DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY! It will have an attachment called "zipped_files.exe"; DO NOT DOUBLE-CLICK OR RUN THIS ATTACHMENT! If you do, it will infect your system!

VirusScan 4.0.25 and above requires the EXTRA.DAT ( to detect and remove W32/ExploreZip.worm.pak. VirusScan 3.x cannot detect W32/ExploreZip.worm.pak because it arrives in a compressed form. Users of VirusScan 3.x should upgrade to the latest version.

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Virus Fixes

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