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For friends, family, and all lovers of dirt bikes

This was stolen from the Langa List (from this issue 2000-10-12.htm)

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Anyway --- here is the security information and links

1) Free Security Test Update

We've talked a lot, recently, about security-testing sites--- web sites that safely and constructively probe your internet connection for free so you can identify and correct possible security problems.

The discussion began some time ago--- for example, see the still-relevant links at:
http://www.langa.com/newsletters/1999/oct-14-99.htm#gibson  and
   and http://www.langa.com/newsletters/1999/nov-18-99.htm#secure .

What are the best sites? DSL Report's full scan (at http://www.secure-me.net/secureme_go ) is still probably the best overall, but it's slow and requires that you register. (Although it's meant mainly for DSL and Cable Modem users, it will test any kind of connection.)

Steve Gibson's Shield's Up ( https://grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2 , or http://grc.com ) is by far the friendliest of the security-scanning services, and also has excellent tutorials and how-to information that can be used to correct any problems uncovered by the scan. It's in two parts--- a "shields scan" and a "port probe." You should run both.

The newest security-scanning service is a new fast-scan Java applet at the DSL Reports "Secure Me" site. It's not as thorough as some others, but it's very fast, requires no registration, and is very easy to use: http://www.secure-me.net/scan

I visit all three sites about once a month to ensure that my system is relatively safe from external hack attacks--- and stays that way!

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